4 Brides and Moms Share their Ann Arbor Wedding Preparation

Ann Arbor Wedding Brides

Your wedding day is a day you dream about for years. And when the time comes to plan your Ann Arbor Wedding, you make your list of to-dos: wedding dress, flowers, hair and make-up, venue, music, guest list, food. But as you plan, it’s important to remember a key item: skincare and aesthetic procedures. Your wedding day is the day you get to feel like the ultimate princess and bask in the glory of having all eyes on you! So it’s important that you give yourself the proper attention you deserve. 

Mother of the bride (or groom!), we haven’t forgotten you, either. We know that your child’s wedding day is an important milestone for you, too! You dream of this day to see your babies grow up and be beautiful, caring, successful adults. And when they find the love of their lives, you are overjoyed! And as you celebrate their love, you want to look and feel your best, too!

Aesthetic Treatments for your Ann Arbor Wedding

We see many brides and their moms (and the future mother-in-laws) in our office for aesthetic treatments at our medspa. Our aestheticians offer free consultations so you can discuss what your goals are and they can recommend the proper treatment to achieve those goals. You may know that you want to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and get fuller lips, but you don’t know what treatment or product you need. That’s ok! That’s what our expert team is here to help you determine. 

Ann Arbor Weddings
Medspa PA Bernice Li with her mom retired OR nurse, Angel Li.

It’s not uncommon to desire plastic surgery before your wedding day, too. Liposuction is a popular treatment that many brides and their moms choose to help sculpt their midsection so they look and feel better in their gowns. Other popular plastic surgeries include breast augmentations, breast reductions, tummy tucks, and facelifts. All of these can be done before your wedding as long as there is enough time factored in for healing.

Recently, we had a wave of staff weddings in our office. And you can bet that they all received multiple medspa treatments (and some even plastic surgery) to prepare for the wedding day. We interviewed several of our staff to learn more about their experience with their medspa and plastic surgery procedures.

Staff Brides & Their Moms:

Jenny Kutcher Deacon, Operating Room Nurse Manager – Married January 2022
Patty Kutcher, Nurse Injector – Mother-of-the-Bride

Jenny had facials, peels, laser hair removal, facial laser, fillers, and Botox. Patty had BBL, laser hair removal, peals, Botox, Hydrafacials, Morpheus8 to her face and neck. She also had a face lift by Dr. Sherick.

Bernice Li, Medspa PA – Married January 2022
Angel Li, Retired Operating Room Nurse – Mother-of-the-Bride

Bernice had Lip filler, Botox, VI peel, and Morpheus8. Angel had Lip filler, Botox, BBL, and a HydraFacial.

Ani Schumaker – Married July 2022
Lisl Weiss, Business Operations Manager – Mother-of-the-Bride

Lisl had cheek filler, tear trough filler, lip filler (her favorite treatment!), Morpheus 8 to face, neck, arms and knees, VI Peel, and CoolSculpting

Chaeli Wantuck, Aesthetician – Married May 2021
Linda – Mother-of-the-Bride

Chaeli had Botox, filler, BBL, and microneedling. Her mom, Linda, had BBL.

CPSAA: What was the motivating factor to getting your treatment done?
Patti (mom): I always said I would get a facelift when my first child got engaged so I could enjoy it and feel my best. I get regular medspa treatments because I enjoy clear, smooth, even toned and hydrated skin.
Linda (mom): My prior sun damage had been bothering me along with a scar on my cheek that was more visible.
Bernice (bride): To maintain and preserve my skin.
Chaeli (bride): Prevention has always been a motivating factor for me.
Angel (mom): Because my skin is old! For wrinkles, lines, and dark spots.

Business Operations Manager, Lisl Weiss, with her daughter Ani.

CPSAA: Did you achieve the desired outcome in time for the wedding?
Jenny (bride): I did! Cleared that mask face (from wearing a mask daily in the OR) right up! Botox was on point and my cheeks looked amazing from my filler! 
Lisl (mom): My skin looked awesome and my dress fit!  
Linda (mom): I was very happy with the results for the wedding, though I know now that I could’ve started much sooner.

CPSAA: How far in advance of the wedding did you start your medspa treatment or plastic surgery?Chaeli (bride): I’d been getting botox for years before my wedding. But in order to have enough time to heal and see results I started other treatments 6 months before the wedding.
Lisl (mom): January 2022…so about 7 months before the wedding.
Patty (mom): I had my facelift 9 months before my daughter’s wedding.

CPSAA: What was the healing process like? Did you have any complications?
Bernice (bride): I had some swelling from lip filler but it only lasted one day. My skin peeled after the VI peel for a few days – the hardest part was not to pick at the area! And I was red after the Morpheus8 but for less than a day. I was able to put a mask on and get right back to work after each procedure.
Linda (mom): After my BBL I had some swelling because of the extent of the sun damage but it was gone after about 2 days.
Lisl (mom): Morpheus8 is a game changer and I didn’t have any downtime except for not being able to wear makeup for a couple of days.
Patty (mom): I had some delayed healing because of some medication I take for rheumatoid arthritis, but Dr. Beil took very good care and revised some scars 1 year later. I’m thrilled with the outcome and will age gracefully.

Jenny prepares for her wedding in Ann Arbor.
OR Nurse Manager Jenny Kutcher Deacon with her mom, Patty Kutcher, our nurse injector.

CPSAA: If there was more than one provider in the office who could do your treatment or procedure, how did you decide who to choose?
Jenny (bride): I’d recommend all my providers. They are all knowledgeable and do things in a way that is similar yet with a little flare of their own. All of which I appreciate!
Angel (mom): Whoever was available. I trust all of the aestheticians!
Lisl (mom): They are all excellent!  I chose whoever was available when I had a break! 

CPSAA: Do you have any tips for someone considering the same procedure?
Jenny (bride): Come in and explore the possibilities. Many people don’t even realize we have something to help with many concerns!
Patty (mom): Wear your sunscreen to avoid damage from the sun and get on a good skin care regiment. Our aestheticians are so knowledgeable and so happy to help with your skin care needs.
Lisl (mom): Our aesthetic team does not charge for a consultation. Meeting with any member of this very talented group would be my best recommendation.
Linda (mom): Have a consultation! All of the women are so knowledgeable and helpful in finding the right treatments for you and your concerns.

Aesthetician Chaeli Wantuck with her mom Linda.

CPSAA: Are there any other treatments or surgeries you’re hoping to get?
Jenny (bride): My favorite procedure is the upper lid blepharoplasty (eye lift)! Although I don’t need it yet, that is definitely something I would do. It’s the best way to freshen up your face and brighten your eyes. You can do it alone or with other facial procedures. It’s easy to recover from. I’m also intrigued by all the mommy makeover procedures… we shall see how I age and how I look after having kids! I’m inclined to try what I need. 
Lisl (mom): A breast reduction.
Chaeli (bride): EVERYTHING, give it all to me!
Linda (mom): I’m interested in some laser treatments but i’ll wait for the cold weather again for that!
Bernice (bride): BBL and a tiny bit of cheek filler to blend the bags under my eyes.
Angel (mom): A total body lift! Just kidding. I like to keep getting facials and BBL regularly to keep my skin nice.

CPSAA: How would you rate your providers?
Angel (mom): 5 STARS for all of my girls!
Bernice (bride): I love all of the providers and trust them with my skin. Patty has been with the practice for over 30 years and she is so calming and sweet, exactly what you need in someone coming at your face with a bunch of needles. Heather and Chaeli are super knowledgeable about skincare and laser treatments and can spot pigmentation that I could not see in my own skin. Chaeli’s sense of humor is just a bonus, especially if I am being treated by her for 1-2 hours.
Jenny (bride): 5 stars for all of them. They all have good bedside manner and I’d recommend them to all.

Even if you don’t have a wedding coming up, we invite moms and daughters alike to visit us to see how we can help you look and feel your best at every stage of life! Call our Ann Arbor office at 734.712.2323 to set up an appointment.

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