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“Thank you for being the best Dr. Sherick…you did an exquisite job.”

Dr Sherick closely listened to me as I described the look I wanted, he spent a great amount of time going over the procedure and what to expect for postoperative. Every question he answered honestly.

Not only do I look great because of his great work, I feel great. I LOVE MY BREASTS!

All of your professional staff are very considerate, accommodating and warm.

Thank you all again for making this girl feel great.

“Enthusiastically recommend Dr. Beil and the entire staff”

I contracted Bell’s Palsy that left me with my face permanently asymmetrical. I attempted to get it corrected with cranial-facial reconstruction, but it was only partially successful. Because of that previous attempt, any further procedures would be limited to my appearance, not functionality. Dr. Beil has performed two surgeries that have greatly improved the symmetry and appearance of my face. I am very thankful and thrilled with the outcome and I would enthusiastically recommend Dr. Beil and the entire staff of CPRS to anyone.

“My eyes appear years younger”

Dr. Sherick recently performed an eye lift and lower lid correction for me. I am very pleased with the results. Not only can I see better, but my eyes appear years younger. Dr. Sherick was always professional and friendly. I would highly recommend him.

“Breast Reduction was the best quality of life decision”

Going from a 34DD/E to 34B changed my life for the better in so many ways that I consider my breast reduction the best “quality of life” decisions I’ve ever made. The many physical benefits of a breast reduction for me have included no more pain and chafing during running, no more pain from bra strips digging into my shoulders, my shirts and sweaters actually fit me now, and no more upper back/neck pain, comfortable sleep (b/c I don’t need to wear a bra to sleep anymore), being able to walk around the house in comfort w/o a bra, etc. But it’s really the intangibles that have made me SO very happy. I wake up every day so thankful that I got the breast reduction because I look and feel like me. When I look in the mirror now I see *myself*. Before the breast reduction whenever I looked in the mirror or saw photos of me all I could see were large breasts. I took great pains to cover them up by dressing in baggy clothes and big scarves. I am so happy now that I feel like me. It’s so much easier to get dressed every day and I feel huge improvement in my self-confidence. I longer spend mental energy worrying about people staring at my chest or dreading getting dressed in a manner to hide a part of myself. I fee so free, in every way this was a huge weight off my chest!

I was pretty nervous to get the surgery because I was not comfortable with spending the time or $ on an *elective* surgery. However, the issues with running, etc seemed to be getting worse (I’m in my 40s and have wanted to get a reduction for > 20 yrs). I know that running and exercising gets harder with age, and I didn’t want my breast size to make that even more of an issue, which is what finally prompted me to look into surgery. I checked out several places and am so happy I went with Dr. Beil, he is the BEST. Unlike another surgeon I visited Dr. Beil listened to my concerns and was very considerate and supportive of my decision. And the results are excellent. I recommend him w/o reservation. All the staff were also excellent, very professional. It was all around a wonderful experience and I am so, so, so happy I did it!

“Immensely happy”

I’m immensely happy with my facelift by Dr Sherick I had recently. I had a very successful and everlasting eyelid lift by Dr Sherick years ago. I’m 66, but now look years younger. In fact I found a photo at my graduation from high school -my chin and cheek line seem even the same as now! I work in a store; customers make the comment you look so much younger with that hair style (I’m wearing my hair down and tucked under in a bun-like in the back -so any scar at the bottom of my hairline is not visible. That’s another plus; before I couldn’t ever wear my hair down..since the jowls just looked more pronounced with hair there. I always had to wear it up or back NOW, I can wear my hair down ,close to my face even, as there are NO more jowls! Also, I can wear dangling earings..now;before, the long earings made the jowls more noticable also . I simply have a whole new chin and neck contour .. which looks very natural ..People think I look many YEARS younger ;most- Ive just told that I got facials and lost some weight ..and im trying a new hairstyle I highly recommend this surgery for anyone who is tired of the jowls and turkey neck Call for a consultation with DR Sherick. Myself, I couldn’t handle photos of me anymore Now I don’t mind -“take my picture!”  The down time was only like a week or two where I didn’t do anything much and had some restrictons It was fairly easy- -!the whole process.To wake up from anesthesia with a Younger looking face is a miracle . The results were better even than I expected I highly suggest using the arnica also before and after. Also the entire staff at this office are always available to help out in any way as are the Doctors.

“Five Star Rating!”

My results exceeded all expectations in both physical outcome and recovery time, with world class support.

I work in Service, and the hardest part is finding a provider with strong technical skills and equally strong customer supportive/soft skills. Dr Sherick has both. He is the “Gold Standard” in surgery.
He accommodated repeat consultations over 2 years of debating procedures, with all the technical detail I wanted as well as ensuring I was emotionally ready and supported. He has a calming demeanor backed up by years of experience, depth of knowledge, and skilled artistic execution for desired results.

After the surgery, Dr. Sherick and his staff were available to quickly answer questions, nimble in scheduling appointments with little notice, and delightful in spirit, even over the weekend.

Dr. Sherick and Staff are my team for life. I would travel the globe for this level of sincere care, flawless execution, and outstanding results.

“I would highly recommend”

I developed a “divot” on my left cheek following a tooth implant and bone graft in my upper jaw. The divot turned into a deep double crease on just that one side of my face, making me look so much older than 67. Dr. Hing and Dr. Beil had never seen this fat loss as a result of tooth implant work, and it could not be proven, but I was assured that it was not a process of aging. Dr. Beil offered to inject fat harvested from my abdomen and told me it might take a couple procedures due to the fact that only 60% stays where it is placed. The second time he did it made me look more symmetrical. I am very pleased that it was not very invasive, just an out-patient procedure and it was covered by my insurance. Dr. Beil is a genius and very talented. I would highly recommend him to others and have!

A Positive Comfortable Experience

I had 3 big babies and I carried my 3 big babies out front, like a giant basketball. Eighteen months after my last baby was born, my 4 year old was asked by a stranger if she was getting a new brother or sister. Being a former collegiate athlete, I had been struggling to bring my body back to what it looked like before kids, and no matter how hard I worked, but tummy was just not improving. I was struggling with my self image, even though I had lost all of my baby weight. The casual comment was just too much to bear, and after discussing with my husband, I made a consultation appointment with Dr. Beil. I was nervous, not sure what a doctor would say, leading up to my appointment. I left that appointment feeling better about myself that I have felt in years. From the staff at the front desk, to the amazing nurses and Dr. Beil, I felt comfortable, happy, and excited that we had a game plan – an abdominoplasty to repair separated stomach muscles and a breast augmentation to fill out the space left after breastfeeding 3 babies.

The best part was that this game plan included post-surgery care as well. It included massages, minor repairs, and follow ups to get the results perfect. Dr. Beil and his staff gave me back the confidence I was missing in my 6 foot tall frame, and I am so pleased with the results. I would definitely recommend this office and Dr. Beil.

“The office staff is friendly and very helpful”

With the help of Gina and Lynda I feel good about myself again! I appreciate the way they work together to help me get the results I love. They listened to what I wanted and guided my decisions to help me find what was best for me. I cannot say enough about their expertise and kindness. The office staff is friendly and very helpful.

“Professional, experienced and compassionate staff”

I have visited the Medical Spa at The Center for Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery MANY times! There’s a reason why I keep going back- The impeccable service! I have never had more courteous reception staff than I do there! They were knowledgeable about products and questions I had about the services I was interested in. They shared their personal experiences which made me feel more at ease. I have seen Myken for Hydrafacials, IPL, and dermaplaning. My skin has never look more polished and radiant! She is confident, conscientious of my comfort level at all times, and has taken the time to advise me on a skin care along with the Skin Care Specialist, Gina. Kristen has done ALL my laser hair removal. After my first treatment I told her I should have done this a LONG time ago! My skin is so silky smooth and hair free. I thought it would be painful to have this done but it was wasn’t! I was pleasantly surprised and extremely pleased with my results. I have also had Botox with Nurse Injector Lynda. I have always had pesky lines between my eyebrows- I have always been self conscientious of this. I wasn’t sure if Botox would be the answer and had some doubts, but Lynda explained everything about the product and the benefits from it and convinced me to follow through. I was glad I did-my “furrow” lines are gone! No more looking angry when I am happy. I cannot say enough about CPRS- Professional, experienced and compassionate staff, and a unique experience every time. I will never go anywhere else!

“Cannot express how amazing my treatment has been!”

I have already made several referrals to the practice – I simply cannot express how amazing my treatment has been!

“I give Gina and her treatments and skin care advice all the credit!”

I’ve been seeing Gina for about 8 years for facials. I am 60 years old and people tell me all the time that they think I am 45! So I give Gina and her treatments and skin care advice all the credit!

“I am grateful for his listening skills and advice.”

Dr. Beil was brief, concise, clear and explained everything. He is a talented man. I am grateful for his listening skills and advice.

“Dr. Sherick is awesome.”

Dr. Sherick is awesome. Made my second battle with breast cancer easier and I trusted him. I tell everyone about him and his staff.

“Very patient and professional”

My family have been patients at this office for over 30 years ! My kids and I have seen Dr Izenberg over the years for many skin issues. He is the BEST!! Very patient and professional. We all started going to Gina for skin care and LOVE her! She helped my kids with their acne after seeing many dermatologists to no avail. They now have beautiful skin! Gina has provided years of excellent care our family’s skincare. Karen also has been a real asset to their office. She and Gina are a great team to this wonderful office!

“Dr. Sherick is a very talented surgeon!”

Dr. Sherick is a very talented surgeon! He really improved the shape of one of my eyes after a previous surgery by another doctor left me looking a little strange. He also did a perfect lower facelift. I highly recommend him and only wish he had been the one to do my previous eye surgery!

“I would recommend him to anyone that is looking for a great P.S.”

When I first walked into the off I was greeted as though I was family, I met with doctor Biel , After being on a pill that diminished the fat in my face I felt as though I looked like skeletor. Being afraid of the looks I had gotten from many people and children I always walked with my head down, after the eye lid reduction and the first fat graph I felt as though I was myself again, I could hold my head up and not get stared at as though I was some kind of monster, I had gotten many complements on how great I look. I just recently had my second fat graph on my face and the difference is unbelievable, Friends and family say I look 20 years younger, even though I wasn’t really going to look younger but to look like myself again. Dr, Biel gave me the confidence to feel better about myself and to walk with my head up again.. I feel and look like a new man and everyone tells me that my whole attitude has changed. I would like to thatnk Dr, Biel for doing such a GREAT job with !
minimal pain and his GREAT staff,I would recommend him to anyone that is looking for a great P.S. Dr. I can say that he did wonders for my ego and want to thank him so much for changing my life. Thanks again Dr.Biel your the best….

“Great Experience”

I was very nervous about having a spot removed from my forehead. Dr. Beil was both very kind and a great surgeon. Minimal pain and terrific results. Would highly recommend him.

“Dr. Beil and his staff were very professional and pleasant”

I’m 81 and this is the first plastic surgery I have had. My dermatologist referred me to Dr. Beil’s office in Ann Arbor. I live in Plymouth so the location was convenient. Dr. Beil and his staff were very professional and pleasant. All of my appointments were handled promptly. Now, no one would know I had anything done.

“Dr. Beil and his staff have been excellent–professional, compassionate, and very honest”

I am 54 years old and have had loose skin under my neck, a turkey wattle. I went to see Dr. Beil for a consultation, and he suggested a neck lift. I had tried the Accent laser for tightening in the past with a local dermatologist and didn’t see noticeable results. I was nervous about the surgery, but so far I’m really happy with the results. I still have some bruising and swelling (it’s only been a little over a week), but it’s not been really all that bad. I’m glad that I ended up going with Dr. Beil.

Dr. Beil and his staff have been excellent–professional, compassionate, and very honest. He talked me out of a blepharoplasty and facelift, saying that I didn’t need it. I would definitely recommend Dr. Beil to anyone contemplating this type of surgery.

“Dr Beil was fantastic!”

Dr Beil was fantastic! He described the process and healing time accurately. Dr Beil and his team were great, helpful, supportive and knowledgeable. It was always service with a smile, no matter how many times I called with questions and concerns – both before and after the procedure. Pre surgery included two skin care preparation appointments. Post surgery included facial massages to help the healing process. I can’t say enough how great my experience was with the office of Dr Richard Beil. I truly look years younger and refreshed!!

“Very impressed!”

Dr. Bell and his staff was wonderful, great experience, well explained exam, care, post op. Very impressed! He was caring and took time to make you feel comfortable and safe.

“I don’t dread looking in the mirror anymore”

I grew up in the 70’s when tanning was a summer event. My friends and I shared all the secrets of how to get that deep dark bronze look. From laying on tin foil to lathering on the latest homemade potions. Sunscreen was a dirty word and we never used it. Ever! When I got into my 40’s I started noticing brown spots, some people call them liver spots or sun spots. No matter what they’re called, they are sun damaged skin. My face had the brown spots, large pores, was dull and sagging from weight fluctuation over the years. I had heard from friends about the esthetician team at CPRS and decided to go in for a consultation. I met with both Myken and Lynda, and we discussed different procedures that they suggested to try to bring my skin “back to life. I went with an IPL and Pixel package and also added some juvederm to help with my laugh lines around my nose and mouth. I felt like I was in good hands with knowledgeable technicians and was very happy with my results! I’ve received many compliments on my 58 year old skin. I’ve acknowledged having work done some of the time, and sometimes I just let people think I was blessed with good genes! Even my husband who told me I didn’t need anything done to my face was impressed with the outcome. There was a little discomfort during the laser resurfacing but nothing that I wouldn’t do again to receive the end result. I’m so glad I made the decision to trust my skin care to the esthetic team at CPRS. I don’t dread looking in the mirror anymore thanks to their efforts to stay informed, up to date, and on top of the skin care business!

“Treated a patient as a person”

As a previous Marketing/Business Development manager, I have never been in an office that treated a patient as a person. I truly felt the IT advancements would take away from physician to patient relationship and communication. At this office, I felt the computer was not a barrier between me and staff. I loved it.

“Highest degree of professionalism”

Dr. Izenberg’s approach, presence, demeanor, humor, warmth, knowledge, compassion, smile, and the ability to engage me in an educational manner that was understandable was above and beyond the highest degree of professionalism.

“She is The Best!”

Dr. Sherick’s nurse Robin is wonderful source of information and a true asset to his office. She is the best!

“Extremely kind”

Everyone I encountered while in the office was extremely kind, funny, and reassuring.

“Put me at ease”

Maxine was wonderful!” | “Karen is the best!” | “Cindy was fantastic and did a great job of reassuring me and answering many questions”. | “Sally ROCKS! She put me at ease, and explained that she would get right on with scheduling my surgery.

“Dr. Beil, though a Buckeye, was wonderful”

Dr. Beil, though a Buckeye, was wonderful. Go Blue!

“Dr. Sherick is a true artist and I would highly recommend him to anyone…”

I decided to get facelift surgery after a 50+ pound weight loss, genetics, and age (I am 53 years old) left me with excess sagging skin under my chin. After consulting with Dr. Sherick with a list of facial items I was not happy with, I scheduled facelift, brow lift and eyelid surgery. I couldn’t be more pleased with the results. I finally look on the outside how I feel on the inside. Dr. Sherick is a true artist and I would highly recommend him to anyone considering plastic surgery.

“Made me feel very important”

All of the nurses have made me feel very important and greeted me with kindness.

“I am so happy I chose him to do my surgery”

My husband and I were so impressed with Dr. Sherick’s knowledge, compassion, and bedside manner. He was amazing and I am so happy I chose him to do my surgery.

“A very positive experience”

A very positive experience – after being diagnosed with breast cancer and having to wait a month to see my surgeon – I called CPRS and was seen the next day which was very reassuring that I didn’t have another lengthy delay in scheduling my surgery.

“A very skilled surgeon”

As a former nurse I can’t say enough about Dr. Sherick. He is a very skilled surgeon, so intelligent and one of the only physicians whom I look forward to seeing and I definitely trust him with my life. He never compromises the quality of his work no matter how busy he is.

“I am already thrilled with the results”

After only a few short weeks, I am already thrilled with the results of Dr. Streu’s artistic work. I look rested and I am happy that I still look like myself.

“Listens to your needs”

Lynda is awesome. She listens to your needs, offers suggestions, and always has a smile.

“The whole experience was pleasant”

Dr. Beil and his staff were most kind, helpful and precise and so the whole experience was pleasant, thank you!

“She is amazing”

Gina is the reason I keep coming to your office! She is amazing with her understanding of the client and their needs!

“I couldn’t be happier with Dr Izenberg…”

At 62, I noticed in photos that my face was starting to sag. My upper eyelids, jawline, neck and nasolabial folds were particularly droopy. I’d never had surgery of any kind and was concerned about having a procedure and of looking too “done” or different after. Dr. Izenberg took some photos and was very patient and honest in discussing what he could do to make me happier with my appearance. We agreed that he would lift the lower part of my face and my upper eyelids. The surgery took place in one day. I didn’t feel a thing and had absolutely no pain in the following days as I recovered. There was swelling and some discomfort but by day three I was able to leave the house for short walks. After two weeks my husband and family said I looked great and after a month, I was thrilled to see how much wider my eyes looked and how much happier I seemed in profile. At that point I looked totally healed with only a little numbness in my cheeks which has since gone away. Dr. Izenberg followed up with me throughout the healing, making sure I was feeling good and answering any questions I had. His staff are also wonderful and helpful. Now two months have passed and my friends who didn’t know about the surgery have no idea I’ve had anything done because I still look like me. I couldn’t be happier with Dr Izenberg both as a skilled surgeon and a caring, concerned and conscientious doctor.

“My skin has improved”

My skin has improved a great deal in the months I’ve received treatments from Myken.