Pricing in Ann Arbor, MI

How much does plastic surgery cost in the Ann Arbor area? As you plan your plastic surgery transformation, understanding pricing is an important step. While costs should never be the deciding factor in the decisions you make about your body, having a good idea of the costs you can expect keeps you empowered and informed during your aesthetic journey.

Our team of two board-certified plastic surgeons† along with a dual MD-PhD doctorate surgeon customize every procedure to address your unique concerns and achieve your individual goals. Because of this, consulting with a surgeon one-on-one is the best way to receive a detailed and personalized pricing estimate. To give you an overview, however, we have compiled general pricing information for our most popular plastic surgery and med spa procedures.

†Dr. Daniel Sherick and Dr. Richard Beil are board-certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery.

*All prices are subject to change.

**These prices are based on operations performed in our state-of-the-art, on-site operating suite. If you have a BMI over 30, latex allergy, or sleep apnea, surgery must be done at the main hospital and pricing is slightly higher.

*** A consultation fee of $125 is collected upon scheduling in-person and virtual consultations with our surgeons. The consultation fee is applied towards the cost of surgery if the patient proceeds with surgery. Consultations with our aesthetic providers are complimentary.

Cash discount of 3% (when spending $1000 or more for surgery, InMode BodyTite or Morpheus8).

Breast Surgery Pricing

The cost of breast enhancement procedures varies depending on the implants and surgical technique your surgeon uses.

Breast Augmentation$5,593 (plus the cost of implants)
Breast Implant Removal$2,815 to $7,479
Breast Lift$4,904 to $8,710
Breast Reduction$10,829
Gynecomastia (Male Breast Reduction)$6,444
Inverted Nipple Repair$1,841 to $3,154

Body Contouring Surgery Pricing

The costs of body contouring procedures are typically higher than facial or breast procedures because they involve more time in the O.R. and more extensive surgical adjustments.

Arm Lift$7,872 to $8,631
Buttock Lift$5,460 to $9,485
Hip Lift$7,654
Liposuction (per area)$5,151 (+ $1,336 for each additional area)
Lower Body Lift$17,399 to $18,053
Thigh Lift$7,654
Tummy Tuck$6,282 to $11,627 (includes garments)
Upper Body Lift$2,269 to $7,606

Combined Surgery Pricing

Combining plastic surgery procedures typically lowers costs and allows for a more convenient recovery process than having each procedure performed separately.

Breast Augmentation & Tummy Tuck$13,974 (plus the cost of implants)
Breast Augmentation & Breast Lift$11,196 (plus the cost of implants)
Breast Implant Removal & Breast Lift$12,593
Breast Lift & Tummy Tuck$15,543
Breast Reduction & Tummy Tuck$18,677

Facial Plastic Surgery Pricing

Facial plastic surgery pricing varies because each procedure is meticulously customized to suit your individual anatomy and goals.

Blepharoplasty (Lower)$3,609 to $4,614
Blepharoplasty (Upper)$3,343 to $3,992
Blepharoplasty (Upper & Lower)$7,622
Brow Lift$3,359 to $7,683
Buccal Fat Pad Removal$3,145
Cheek Augmentation$5,359 (plus the cost of implants)
Chin Augmentation$3,523 (plus the cost of implants)
Ear Repair$713 to $2,119
Facelift$6,357 to $15,824
Facial Fat Grafting$4,186+
Face & Neck Liposuction$3,432 (+ $1,336 for each additional area)
Neck Lift$5,456 to $10,965
Rhinoplasty$5,528 to $12,246
Otoplasty$3,094 to $5,258

Awake Procedure Pricing

The surgical procedures are performed while you are under local anesthesia.

Arm Lift$5,360
Blepharoplasty (Upper)$2,646
Blepharoplasty (Lower)$2,549
Breast Augmentation$4,276 (plus cost of implants)
Breast Lift$5,149
Chemical Peel (TCA)$2,111
Fat Grafting (Breast)$3,707
Fat Grafting (Face)$2,929
Neck Lift$6,526
MACS Facelift$5,838
Rhinoplasty (Tip Plasty)$3,982
Submental Liposuction$1,733
Tummy Tuck (Mini)$4,671

Injectables Pricing

Injectable neurotoxins and dermal fillers are typically priced by the amount injected, determined per unit or per syringe. Please note: Our PA and Nurse injectors do not accept tips. As medical professionals, they do not feel that it’s appropriate to accept tips for medical procedures. If you have a great experience and would like to show your gratitude you can tell a friend or family member, share/tag us on your social media, write a review on Google or Facebook, or allow us to share before/after pictures on our social media or website.


BOTOX® Cosmetic$13/unit$15/unit

Dermal Fillers

Product1st SyringeAdditional SyringeMD – 1st SyringeMD – Additional Syringe
JUVÉDERM® Ultra$650$550$750$650
JUVÉDERM Ultra Plus®$625$525$725$625
JUVÉDERM Voluma® $850$650$950$750
JUVÉDERM Volbella® $800$650$900$750
JUVÉDERM Vollure®$700$600$800$700
JUVÉDERM Volux®$850$650$950$750
Restylane® (1ml)$575$475$675$575
Restylane (.55ml)$350$250$450$350
Restylane Lyft®$650$550$750$650
Restylane Silk®$650$550$750$650
Restylane Defyne®$650$550$750$650
Restylane Refyne®$650$550$750$650
Restylane Kysse®$700$600$800$700
Restylane Contour®$750$650$850$750
Sculptra®$850 per vial$950

Med Spa Procedure Pricing

Med spa procedures typically cost less and require shorter recovery times than plastic surgery procedures. Please note: tips for MedSpa procedures are never expected but always appreciated! If your aesthetician is providing excellent service on a high-end cosmetic treatment, rest assured, proper tipping etiquette is no longer 20%. When treatments start costing hundreds of dollars, most patients who want to express their appreciation with a gratuity tip between $20 – $40.

CoolSculpting Elite®Starts at $500 per cycle
VI Peel Precision Plus$295
VI Peel Purifying with Precision Plus$275
Dermaplaning Add-On$50
Ear Piercing$55 to $105
PeelsStarts at $130
Morpheus8Starts at $600 to $2,000

Laser Hair Reduction Pricing

We offer package pricing for our laser hair removal services.

Bikini (partial)$175
Lip or Chin$100
Leg (partial)$250
Leg (full)$375
Partial Chest or Back$275
Full Chest or Back$400
Arms (partial)$175
Arms (full)$350

Laser Skin Services Pricing

Save on laser skin services, such as BBL treatments and laser skin resurfacing, with package pricing.

BBL Forever Young Full Face$400
BBL Forever Young Neck$300
BBL Forever Young Chest$400
BBL Forever Young Upper Back (includes shoulders)$550
BBL Forever Young  Arms (partial)$250
BBL Forever Young  Hands$275

Resurfacing requires a consultation

NanoLaserPeel™pricing starts at $500
MicroLaserPeel®pricing starts at $700
ProFractional™ Therapypricing starts at $800

What Do These Costs Include?

The price of your surgery includes:

  • Surgeon’s fees
  • Anesthesia fees
  • Operating facility fees

In some cases, your cost also includes post-surgical garments or supplies. This is most common after facial or body contouring procedures that require support or compression garments after surgery.

Is Plastic Surgery Covered by Insurance?

Plastic surgery procedures are typically considered elective cosmetic procedures and are not covered by medical insurance.

While we no longer participate with insurance, we do offer a self-pay option to give patients the opportunity to receive insurance benefits for medically necessary procedures. With the self-pay option, patients have their procedures performed in the hospital by our physicians. Patients pay upfront for physician fees and are responsible for initiating the reimbursement request with their insurance company. If you have questions or would like to explore this option, please call us at (734) 712-2323.


To make your aesthetic experience more attainable, we offer financing plans through PatientFi. It’s a simple way to say “YES!” to the elective treatment of your dreams. Get the plastic surgery or medspa treatment you want now, and pay for it over time on a friendly monthly plan.

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