Addressing Breast Asymmetry: Breast Augmentation & 3 More Surgical Options

Woman in Ann Arbor, MI considering options to correct breast asymmetry

If you have uneven breasts, you’re not alone—it’s one of the most common reasons women pursue breast augmentation at our Ann Arbor plastic surgery practice. More women than you may think also experience differences in their breast sizes and shapes—it’s perfectly normal and nothing to be embarrassed about. However, if you decide you would feel more confident with symmetrical breasts, rest assured, knowing you have plenty of options for making it happen.

In this blog post, we’ll discuss a few different solutions for breast asymmetry and explain which approach may be the right option for you.

What Is Breast Asymmetry?

Breast asymmetry means having differently sized or shaped breasts, breasts that are not quite identical to each other. If you think most women must experience this to some degree, you’re right. No woman has completely identical breasts, and it is believed that 50% of all women experience it on a significant level with some estimates placing that number closer to 80%.

What Causes Breast Asymmetry?

There are a number of different causes for asymmetry, including:

  • Genetics
  • Pregnancy and breastfeeding
  • Weight gain or loss
  • Hormonal changes

In some cases, asymmetry may result from a medical concern, such as cancer. Always consult your doctor if you are concerned about the nature of your asymmetry or have noticed major changes.

What Are Some Surgical Solutions for Breast Asymmetry?

You have many options for addressing breast asymmetry with plastic surgery.

Breast Augmentation With Differently Sized Implants

Placing a larger implant in the smaller breast creates a more even appearance. This surgery gives you the opportunity to enhance or improve the shape of both breasts to achieve your ideal look.

See examples in our breast augmentation before-and-after photo gallery.

Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation

Fat transfer involves harvesting fat from one area of your body (typically the abdomen or thighs) and injecting it into the breasts. It is ideal for women with subtle asymmetry as it creates a modest size increase.

See examples in our fat transfer breast augmentation before-and-after photo gallery.

Breast Augmentation With Equally Sized Implants and an Added Lift Or Reduction Of One Breast

If you are looking to address shaping issues and change the size or placement of your areolas, combining implants with a breast lift or breast reduction in one breast may be the right choice for you.

Breast Reduction

Breast reduction surgery reduces the size of one or both breasts to create a symmetrical (though smaller) look. It’s an excellent option for those looking to decrease the size of a larger breast instead of increasing the size of a smaller breast.

See examples in our breast reduction before-and-after photo gallery.

Breast Augmentation for Asymmetry With Dr. Daniel Sherick

In this video, CPSAA’s board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Sherick shares more about breast augmentation.

Planning Your Transformation

Ultimately, the best way to determine the right breast asymmetry correction for you is to consult one-on-one with a board-certified plastic surgeon. Our surgeons have more than 50 years of combined experience in plastic surgery, including years of performing breast enhancement procedures for women just like you.

If you would like to learn more about what is possible with cosmetic surgery in the Plymouth area, please contact us online or call (734) 712-2323.

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