3 Ann Arbor Dads and Businessmen Try Botox

Recently we were on a mission. Well, we were actually on two missions. First, we wanted to dispel the myth that Botox is just for women. Second, we wanted to give some Ann Arbor dads their first Botox experience and find out how they liked it.

Spoiler alert: All 3 men loved their Botox experience and realized that it can help them look more rested and refreshed.

Here’s their stories:

Phil, 52, Father of 2 and Commercial Banker

Phil is the husband to our Business Operations Manager, Lisl. He’s heard Lisl talk about Botox for years (check out her skin when you’re in our office sometime — she looks incredible!), but was resistant to trying it for himself. He was worried that it would make his smile and expressions look fake or forced. As an avid cyclist, he spends lots of time in the sun and even though he is diligent about wearing sunscreen, lines and wrinkles were starting to show across his forehead and at the corners of his eyes (crow’s feet). Finally, he gave in and tried it. See for yourself the remarkable results Phil experienced. His face and expressions still look completely natural, but the lines across his forehead and around his eyes are softened. He looks more rested.

Paul, 57, Father of 2 and Investment Advisor

Paul is the husband to Lisa Metler, our Physician Assistant. Because Lisa is one of our expert Botox injectors, Paul knew it was only a matter of time before she convinced him to try it out. Besides, Paul couldn’t let Lisa be the only one in their marriage with beautiful, radiant skin (that’s right, she’s a Botox user, too!). Paul was hesitant to try Botox for the first time because he was worried about what his coworkers would think. But when he went to work the next day, no one even realized he had received Botox. They all just commented that he looked like he had a great night’s rest! Sorry, Paul, cat’s out of the bag now!

Jason, 46, Father of 3 and President of an Environmental and Energy Consulting Firm

Jason is a friend and client of Phil (see above). Phil mentioned to Jason that his wife was pushing him to try Botox. Jason commented that Botox was only for women, so Phil challenged Jason to tag along and try it for himself. Jason said he didn’t feel self-conscious coming to CPSAA since it’s located in St. Joe’s hospital. He said he was impressed by the professional atmosphere and staff adding, “Patty was very knowledgeable and explained the entire process thoroughly.” As a bonus for Jason, while he was talking with our nurse Patty, he casually mentioned that he had a piece of gravel stuck under the skin of his finger for years from a bicycle accident. Because our MedSpa is located within our plastic surgery practice, Patty was able to ask one of our surgeons to take a look at it. The surgeon was able to advise Jason on how it needed to be fixed. Jason schedule his appointment right then and there and came back later to have a simple procedure done to remove the gravel and fix his finger.

We made believers and advocates out of these 3 handsome men. Will you be next? Call our office today at 734.712.2323 to make your appointment or request one by filling out our online form here.

Have other aging conundrums you need help with? We can help you identify the right procedure for your specific needs. Many men also find that an eyelid lift helps them appear more rested as well. While Botox reduces wrinkles, an eyelid lift removes excess skin and can even help improve your field of vision.

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