Our Newest CoolSculpting Provider

Our new CoolSculpting Provider

Have you met Rana Walls-Williams? She’s one of our newest CoolSculpting providers at the Center for Plastic Surgery Ann Arbor and our patients are already loving the service and care she provides. We recently asked Rana a few questions about her background and passion for healthcare to help our patients get to know her better.

CPSAA: How long have you been working in healthcare?

Rana: I’ve spent more than half my life – 25 years to be exact – caring for patients. I have varied experience in medical surgery and labor and delivery. Counted among my training is Basic Life Support certification from the American Heart Association, certified patient care technician, and trained as both an anesthesia technician and skill obstetrical scrub technician.

CPSAA: What do you love about working in healthcare?

Rana: Serving people is my passion! I wake up every morning looking forward to the interactions with my patients.

CPSAA: What are you looking forward to while working at CPSAA?
Rana: I take great pride in my work and I’m looking forward to helping patients look and feel their best. I want people to feel comfortable in their own skin and I love that I get to be part of that journey with them.

CPSAA: What do you think sets you apart as a CoolSculpting provider?

Rana: When a patient is interested in CoolSculpting, I listen carefully to their goals and custom design a treatment plan that’s best for them. Because of my background in patient care, I’m also able to help patients feel confident and relaxed during their treatments. 

CPSAA: You’ve achieved a lot in your career. Are you working on anything else right now?
Rana: I love learning. Especially in the healthcare field, it’s so important to keep growing in knowledge so you can give your best to your patients.  I’m currently enrolled at Washtenaw Community College working towards a degree in Applied Science in Nursing.

CPSAA: In her free time, Rana enjoys cooking, gardening, and listening to music.

Rana is ready to help you start your CoolSculpting journey. Call our office at 734.712.2323 or click here to schedule your complimentary CoolSculpting consultation. 

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