Frostbite, Poop, and More: A Look at Rare CoolSculpting Questions

If you’ve perused our website, you’ve likely come across information explaining CoolSculpting and addressing the safety of this non-surgical procedure. You may have even checked out some of the incredible before and after images from CoolSculpting patients in our Ann Arbor office. But, we bet you haven’t yet found the answer to some of these slightly more unusual CoolSculpting questions below. 

Do you poop more after CoolSculpting?

Okay, first let’s set the record straight: everyone poops. Yep, even your celebrity crush. Nothing to be shy about here, folks! Now to the question at hand. Yes, you may experience increased bowel movements (that’s the fancy medical term for pooping) or bouts of diarrhea following CoolSculpting treatments. But that just means the treatment is working. Because CoolSculpting freezes fat cells, your body has to find a way to expel the dead cells. Your lymphatic system steps up to the plate and removes them, often resulting in the above-mentioned method of excrement. 

What does it really feel like?

It’s non-surgical so there are no pokes from numbing needles or cutting with a scalpel. But there is some discomfort to be expected. When we say CoolSculpting freezes fat away, we aren’t kidding about the freezing part. The controlled temperature of CoolSculpting is between -11 and 5 Celsius (or about 12 to 41 Fahrenheit for us non-metric speaking Americans). So yeah, you’re going to be cold! You’ll also likely feel some pinching and pulling as the applicator is applied to your treatment area. So when you compare needles and scalpels to cold and pinching, there’s an obvious winner in terms of pain and discomfort. 

Will I get frostbite?

As long as you don’t try a crazy DIY CoolSculpting knock-off at home, you’re not going to develop frostbite from CoolSculpting. Unfortunately, there are counterfeit CoolSculpting machines for sale online as well as many other DIY freeze-away-the-fat treatment tutorials, but consider this your red flag – do not try this at home! Our CoolSculpting machines have built-in sensors to measure the temperature of the skin and control the airflow to prevent any risk of frostbite. Oh, and did we mention we have experts, too? Our CoolSculpting experts know how to safely and effectively treat you. They’re not following any absurd TikTok hacks!

Can CoolSculpting help me lose 10-15 pounds?

While CoolSculpting is effective at freezing away fat cells, you likely won’t see any drastic changes on the scale. First, fat doesn’t actually weigh all that much. A liter of fat weighs less than 2 pounds. So while you’ll lose inches as the fat cells die off, you won’t see major changes on the scale.

Can I take a nap during my CoolSculpting treatment?

We’ll leave that decision up to you! Depending on the area you’re having treated it could take an hour or two for your treatment so you’ll definitely want to bring something to help pass the time. Whether you indulge in a good book, your favorite Netflix show, or even choose to get a little work done on your laptop, you get to decide. If you want to nap, go for it!

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