Botox Pricing: Only Pay for What You Need

Botox Pricing

It can be hard to figure out Botox pricing in Ann Arbor and surrounding areas. Generally, providers price Botox one of two ways: by area or by unit. At the Center for Plastic Surgery Ann Arbor our Botox pricing is by unit. We’ve found pricing it this way is the most cost-effective for our patients.

Patients have asked previously why we don’t price per area. We understand that pricing per area is helpful in the sense that you know what your final bill will be ahead of time, but it comes with many disadvantages. If you pay per area, but need less Botox than the provider has accounted for, you’ll end up overpaying. Alternatively, providers pricing Botox per area may not treat you with enough product to effectively treat your wrinkles.

Botox is simply not a one-size-fits-all type of product. The amount each individual needs per area varies greatly depending on personal taste, beauty goals, and unique anatomy. For example, someone with more severe wrinkles or a larger forehead may require more units of Botox than someone with a smaller forehead and less wrinkles.

For first time patients, our injectors recommend doing less units. Typically Botox takes 5-7 days to begin to see results. We recommend a follow-up appointment between days 10-14 for new patients. During this window, we can add additional units if the original dosage wasn’t enough. With Botox, you can add, but you can’t take away. If you receive too much Botox, you simply have to wait for it to wear off (about 3-4 months for most people).

Too much Botox and/or poor placement can cause a variety of issues including arched eyebrows (a permanent “surprised” face), heavy and drooping eyelids, and a frozen face look. The right dosage of Botox is about achieving the perfect balance between relaxed muscles while still having some muscle movement.

Once you and your injector have worked together to figure out the appropriate dosage for your particular goals and anatomy, your injector will be able to accurately dose you at subsequent appointments. But even at those appointments every 3-4 months, you can still come back during that 10-14 day window for a touch-up if the original amount of Botox doesn’t seem like enough. Because our Botox pricing is per unit, we charge for any units used at touch-up appointments too. Additionally, you may find that if you stay current on your Botox maintenance appointments, you may need less units over time or your Botox may even last longer intervals over time.

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