Colleen’s Breast Enhancement Transformation

Testimonial from Coleen

My journey

I had always told my husband that when I was done having children I would want a mini tummy tuck to get rid of the excess stretched skin. What I didn’t realize at the time was that I was going to have 3 children and that all 3 deliveries would be C-sections. To lose the weight after my children were born, I worked out like crazy. Many days I would do a morning and evening workout to lose the weight and get my body in shape. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t get rid of the skin. During this time I also started to get sharp pains in the scar area on my stomach. It really bothered me after any distance running and I couldn’t do many abdominal exercises. My OB-GYN said it was built up scar tissue and it wouldn’t go away. That’s when I finally set the appointment for the mini- tummy tuck. Prior to my consultation, I dropped body fat, but then went from a C cup to a small B cup. I was very unhappy with how I looked unclothed despite how hard I was working.


When I had my consultation with Dr. Sherick I was not sure if I would have both a tummy tuck and a breast augmentation. My stomach was hurting me when I worked out and getting in shape had resulted in a smaller breast size. It almost felt like a punishment. Dr. Sherick assured me that both procedures could easily be done together. He also said that I would not be able to get rid of the stretched skin on my own and that if we did the mini, he could remove the scar tissue that was causing pain along with the excess skin. These were all the things I needed to hear.

“I finally decided it was time to feel better about myself and do something for me.”


The decision to have the surgery was an easy one. I finally decided it was time to feel better about myself and do something for me. I made this decision with the support of my husband and kept any negative factors out of the decision making process. Many people in my family were against plastic surgery, so I didn’t tell them about it until after it was over. This was personal. After my surgery my friends were very supportive and pleasantly surprised. Some even asked for Dr. Sherick’s information so they could set up a consultation of their own.

Dr. Sherick

Dr. Sherick is a great plastic surgeon and a good guy. I only came to him for a second opinion, but changed my mind after meeting him just once. He was very informative and presented the information well without talking above me. So many of my close friends and family have been shocked at how “normal” I look. Some of them didn’t even believe I got implants because they look so real. Dr. Sherick did an amazing job doing what I asked – keeping the implants as realistic looking as possible.

The CPRS team

Everyone that I have met in the office during my pre op and post op care has been wonderful. After surgery, I was worried about the scarring or lumps that I was feeling and was afraid they would always be there. My massage therapist reassured me that after a few post op massage sessions they would be gone and she was right. It was great to be supported by such friendly and knowledgeable team.

Staying Young

I stay very active and involved in my children’s lives. I’m a busy mother of three girls that range from 1 and a half to 9 years old. I work full time but make a point to get at least 4 workouts in a week if not 5 or 6. It gives me a sense of accomplishment when I’m finished and I feel more energized. I enjoy the hour of “me” time and it helps to know it benefits my overall length of life.


Do your research! Consider the cost, but also the recovery and what to expect with overall discomfort. Plan your surgery during a time when you will have a support system to help out. Most importantly, I would say to make the decision for you and what will make you happy. Don’t make this kind of decision for anyone but yourself.

Colleen’s Surgeries at CPRS

Mini tummy tuck – A mini tummy tuck is a variation of an abdominoplasty. A ‘C-section-like’ incision is made at or above the pubic region to tighten muscles and remove excess lower abdominal skin. The result is a tighter, flatter stomach. The ideal candidate for a mini tummy tuck has most of their issues below the belly button. They are also in good shape, but have laxity in the skin that is resistant to diet and exercise.

Breast Augmentation – Augmentation mammoplasty, or breast augmentation, is accomplished by surgically inserting an implant behind each breast to enhance the size, form and feel of the breasts. The goal is a fuller, more youthful breast contour.

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